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Lifestyle Mobile Home Park

11700 E. Waterman

Wichita, KS 67207

(316) 683-5061




“Community Standards”


1. CITY ORDINANCES: Every resident of the Lifestyle Community must observe all city ordinances and Codes of the City of Wichita. These ordinances are a part of the Lifestyle Community rules and regulations.

2. LOT RENTAL APPLICATION: All prospective residents must fill out an application for lot rental. We then run a rental check and references before approval is given. If you are purchasing a mobile home that is already onsite, you must be approved before you can occupy the home. If you are turned down for any reason, you may still purchase the home, but will be required to move it off Lifestyle Community MHP property within 30 days. In the event of a sale to a third party, in order to upgrade the quality of the mobile home community, the Manager may require that any mobile home in a run-down condition or in disrepair be removed from the park within sixty (60) days from the date of the sale.

(Note - Management reserves the right to make the judgment if a home remains on the property of not.)

3. MOVE IN/OUT: Prior approval must be obtained from management before moving a home in or out of the community. Resident is responsible for ruts or damage done by such movement. Mobile Homes are to be moved during normal office hours ONLY. Upon move in, Lessee agrees to register with management and provide the following information:

  • Current telephone numbers for home and employment
  • Name, address and phone number of a person to contact in case of emergency
  • Automobile make, model, year and license plate number(s)
  • Manufactured home make, model, year, identification number and lien holder
  • Any other utility and/or recreational vehicles that have been prepared to be on the premises will need to be registered at the office with model, year and tag number
  • Lessee agrees to advise management of any changes to the above information


4. RENT: Lot rent is $255 per month and is on a month to month basis. WE ACCEPT MASTER CARD/VISA, PERSONAL CHECKS OR MONEY ORDERS. All rent is due and payable at the office of Lifestyle on or before the first day of each month. A five (5) day grace period is allowed. On the sixth (6) day a fifteen ($15) dollar late charge is assessed plus three ($3) dollars for each day thereafter. Late charges are deducted first from any payment with the balance applied to rent. ALL LATE CHARGES WILL ACCRUE.

5. DEPOSIT: A $100 lot security deposit is required. The deposit will be refunded if the lot is left clean, the grass mowed and trimmed, mobile home anchors removed, lot rent current and a 30 day written notice was given by the Lessee.

6. RETURNED CHECKS: There is a $30.00 charge on all returned checks. The above policy on late charge is also applied to all returned checks. After you have presented a NSF (Non Sufficient Fund) check in payment for rent or other such payments, you will be required to make all future payments in the form of a money order for six months.

7. OCCUPANTS: Only one family may live in one house. Lifestyle management reserves the right to limit new residents to a maximum of 2 persons per bedroom (HUD guideline) or 6 persons per home whichever is less. Failure to comply could result in eviction.

8. OFFICE HOURS: The office is usually open from 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday. For various reasons, personal and business, sometimes you may find the office not open during those hours. The office is closed on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. When the office is closed, in the case of emergencies, you can leave a message.

9. PETS: Dogs must weigh less than 20 lbs, and be no taller than 20 inches at maturity. NO EXCEPTIONS! No pet is allowed without approval from management. There is a $5.00 a month charge for each dog which will be added to the monthly lot rent fee.

  • All pets must have current rabies vaccinations with proof delivered to the office
  • No outside cats or dogs are allowed
  • Noise pollution, such as barking, is not allowed
  • When walking your pets all body discharge from your animal must be picked up immediately by Lessee

10. CHILDREN: Parents are responsible for the actions of their children. Do not allow children to run loose, or vandalize community property. Any parent of a child caught vandalizing the community property will be charged a fee of no less than the amount of money if takes to repair the property. DO NOT ALLOW YOUR CHILDREN TO USE A BASEBALL AND/OR BAT ON OR NEAR YOUR LOT. No hard balls of any type will be allowed. Please be respectful of your neighbor’s home and yard. Do not allow your children to walk through other residents yards. The storm shelter is off limits to children playing. REMEMBER WHEN YOU ARE DRIVING IN THE AREA THAT THERE ARE SMALL CHILDREN AT PLAY. CHILDREN DO NOT ALWAYS WATCH FOR CARS, SO WE MUST WATCH FOR THE CHILDREN. ABSOLUTELY NO BB GUNS/RIFLES, PELLET GUNS, OR ANY OTHER TYPE


11. LAWN AND TREES: All residents must maintain their yards in a clean and orderly manner. The resident is responsible for keeping their grass mowed, fertilized, raked, and trimmed around the home, shed, fence, etc. Residents are responsible for planting shrubs in front of their home. Grass is not allowed to grow tall around the skirting of the mobile home. (ie. All lots are checked on every Friday by management, if grass needs mowed resident will be given a three (3) day notice. If lawn still remains unmowed, the community management team will mow your lawn for $25.00 paid by the resident.) Remember that dried leaves that accumulate on your lot become a fire hazard, the resident is RESPONSIBLE for raking them and having them bagged. All trees and lawns must be watered by the resident. Grass seed is free. Call the office for assistance.

12. FENCING: Installing of any fence is prohibited without permission of management. Strict guidelines governing location, size, and kind are to be followed. Fences must be four feet chain link with top rail only, NO PRIVACY FENCES. Any application for a fence must include sketch showing the proposed location. Fences must be located 60’ from the street. Residents must have all utilities located and flagged, and is totally responsible for any damage to utility lines or neighbors yard. Fences, once installed become the property of Lifestyle and can only be removed with written permission of Community Management.

13. LAUNDRY: No laundry, bedding, rugs or any such items are to be hung outside the mobile home. NO CLOTHESLINES OF ANY KIND ALLOWED.

14. TRASH: Trash is $11.00/month. All garbage containers must be kept behind your porch, except on collection morning(Friday) when they are to be moved to the designated pick-up spot. Garbage collection times and rules will be posted by management from time to time. Extra trash cart is available for an additional $11.00 per month, please call the office to make arrangements.

15. HOMES: All homes must be 14’ wide or wider. All homes must be in excellent physical condition, repair and properly painted. All homes are to be double blocked and anchored. Skirting must be installed within 30 days of date of occupancy. All additions to the homes, such as skirting, porches, awnings, decks and storage sheds must be kept repaired, painted and neat. All mini blinds and items in the windows must be kept repair, NO TIN FOIL, BLANKETS or anything cluttering the windows.

16. OUTSIDE STORAGE: No structure or lot improvement may be built or installed in Lifestyle Community without a written permit obtained by Management. Any structure of improvement is strictly forbidden without such written permit. All items such as lawn mowers, gas cans, tires, bicycles, toys, furniture, appliances, spare parts, wood, trash or any other item outside the house must be stored inside an approved storage shed. Absolutely nothing is allowed to clutter the yard, parking area, porches, patios, or any area outside the home. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE THE RESIDENTS TO PARK, OR STORE BOATS, TRAVEL TRAILERS, TRAILERS OF ANY TYPE, OR RVs ON PARK PROPERTY. NO PARKING ON THE GRASS OR IN THE YARDS OF THE COMMUNITY AREA.

17. UTILITY CONNECTIONS: All utility connections are the responsibility of the resident and must be made according to City code. All water supply lines INCLUDING THE FAUCETS AND RISER must be wrapped with a heat tape and insulated. (THIS IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE RESIDENT.) Lifestyle Management is responsible for the water pipes under ground, all pipes above ground are the express responsibility of the resident. IF THERE ARE BROKEN PIPES OR LEAKS AS A DIRECT CAUSE OF THE RESIDENT NOT USING ELECTRIC TAPE PROPERLY (OR ELECTRIC TAPE FAILURE), THE RESIDENT WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE COST TO REPAIR THE PIPES. CHECK YOUR HEAT TAPE PERIODICALLY. Any freeze up or sewer stoppage above ground is the responsibility of the resident. Lifestyle is not responsible for any damage caused by backed up sewage, broken water lines, electric, or gas problems.

18. ANTENNAS: There is to be no antennas for any purpose unless written consent is obtained from Community Management.

19. HITCHES: All hitches are to be removed, covered with skirting, or painted to match the mobile home.

20. VEHICLES: No major overhaul or constant repair of vehicles will be permitted. Wrecked, dismantled, inoperative, junk, untagged and uninsured vehicles will not be permitted. Do not park any vehicle on any part of the grass. No over-sized trucks or semi trucks are allowed in the community. Please observe the 15 MPH speed limit.


21. HOUSE NUMBERS: The city of Wichita requires that all homes have numbers placed on the home to properly identify them. This requirement is also part of the community rules and regulations. Please be sure that your home site number is properly displayed on the side of your home that faces the street, with numbers a minimum of three (3) inches tall and of a contrasting color to the home.22. MAIL: Keys for mail boxes will be distributed by the Community Management. You will get one (1) key per household upon move-in. The Community Management will NOT keep a key so it is up to the resident to be responsible for all copies of their mail box keys. If key is lost, stolen, broken, etc. the resident will be charged a $15.00 fee for replacement of key by the U.S. Postal Service. Mail box keys must be returned when resident is moving out. If someone is buying your home and has been pre-approved by Management, they must get a new key and mail box number from the office. Keys and mail boxes are not transferable. Lifestyle is not responsible for lost or stolen mail.

23. SIGNS: No signs of any kind are to be displayed outside or inside a mobile home or anywhere on the property, including the residents rented lot. Any exceptions to this rule must be obtained in writing from the Community Management.

24. DIGGING: Each resident is cautioned against driving of rods, stakes, pipes and other objects into the ground, or against digging anywhere in the community without first checking with management.

25. NOISE: No loud noise will be tolerated within the community. No drunkenness, rowdy behavior, loud music, loud late night parties and other such disturbances will be tolerates. REMEMBER YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR GUESTS BEHAVIOR.

26. SOLICITING OR PEDDLING: No soliciting or peddling is allowed inside the community. Special permits may be obtained for such activity as Avon, garage sales, scouts selling cookies, or any such activity deemed appropriate by Community Management.

27. RIGHT TO PRIVACY: Each resident has the right to privacy free from any nuisance from other community residents, their guests or pets. Community Management reserves the right to enter homes for inspecting, maintenance or repairs.

28. COMPLAINTS: All complaints must be in writing, delivered to the office and signed by the resident and the Community Management.

29. FIRES: No outside fires are allowed except inside a container used for cooking. NO BURNING OF TRASH.

30. WEAPONS: Possessing any illegal weapon is forbidden. Firing of any firearm including BB Guns, Air Rifles, Shotguns, Rifles or Pistols is prohibited. Carrying of a weapon inside the Community is forbidden except for on duty police officers.WEAPONS WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE PARK BY ANYONE. NO FIREWORKS OF ANY KIND AT ANY TIME OF THE YEAR!

31. MOVING/SELLING OF MOBILE HOME: If you are moving, you must have all rent paid before the home can be removed from the community. Offering for sale of mobile homes in Lifestyle Community is prohibited except by special permit obtained at the office detailing any variance of allowance of this rule. If you are selling your home to an individual who wishes for it to remain in the Lifestyle Community, they must first be approved by the community office, before they can live in the community. They must come to the office in-person and fill out an application, sign the lease agreement, and abide by all Rules & Regulations. Deposits are non-transferable. The New Resident must make a deposit as required. All homes must be occupied by the owner. ABSOLUTELY NO RENTAL AGREEMENTS, lease to purchase or similar agreements can be made. Proof of ownership will be required before approval of the application will take place. THE HOME OWNER MUST LIVE IN THE HOME.

32. STORM SHELTER: The storm shelter remains unlocked at all times. There is to be no using of the storm shelter other than an emergency situation. If anyone is caught in storm shelter anytime other than during an emergency, charges will be pressed against them by the community management. No pets, smoking, or alcohol allowed in storm shelter.